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Buddypress network install issue

  • I am using the latest versions of both WordPress and Buddypress and have installed multisite.

    After installing Buddypress, the Buddypress admin showed up on the sub-sites (installed in sub-directories) as well prompting me to configure the component settings for each sub-site.

    I know the admin should only show up in the network panel, not even the main blog admin panel, since it is network activated.

    I’ve been struggling for a while and even created the bp-custom.php file, to no avail.

    One plugin that I am running which I think might cause a problem is the S2Member Pro plugin for memberships.

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  • @mercime


    I just answered your post there :-)

    Did you post in s2member pro forums?


    No, I haven’t posted it there yet. Will do so asap.

    Posted the issue at s2Member.
    However, I deactivated s2member and the Buddypress admin was still in the admin panel as opposed to the network panel.
    When I erased the bp-custom.php file, the admin moves back to the network panel, but then there’s no Buddypress on the sub-sites.

    Could the hacks that are supposed to go into the bp-custom.php file be placed in the wp-config file instead?



    Which hacks did you include? Some functions may be transferred to your active theme’s functions.php (not wp-config.php) but some need to be in bp-custom.php because of the load order.

    I’ve only added one custom function:
    define ( ‘BP_ENABLE_MULTIBLOG’, true );

    I have deactivated all the plugins, but the problem persists.
    It is only when I delete the bp-custom.php file that the bp admin goes back to the network admin panel.
    But this means there is no bp on the sub-sites.

    My bp-custom.php is placed under /wp-contents/plugins/bp-custom.php and only has the following code:
    define ( ‘BP_ENABLE_MULTIBLOG’, true );

    Is there another way of network activating Buddypress, other than with bp-custom.php?
    Maybe functions.php in the theme, or wp-config?

    Sorry, code not showing because of the php tags…

    define ( ‘BP_ENABLE_MULTIBLOG’, true );

    I’ve tested this on three sites:

    Site one: WPMU, BP, BP Social Theme, s2Member installed
    Site two: WPMU, BP, BP Social Theme
    Site one: WPMU, BP, BP Default Theme

    I’ve also gone through the rick-m-roll of deactivating all the plugins to see if it makes a difference.
    No difference… The problem exists on all three sites.

    As soon as I add the bp-custom.php file under wp-contents/plugins, the Buddypress menu moves from the Network admin panel to all the admin panels in the network.

    Surely this must be an issue pertaining to buddypress or at the bp-custom.php file…?

    Or perhaps an issue with my hosting?
    Should enable-globals be activated?

    “Site one: WPMU, BP, BP Default Theme”
    meant to be…
    Site three: WPMU, BP, BP Default Theme

    Anybody have an idea?

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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