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BuddyPress on WordPress MU

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    Right, short of employing a NASA scientist or digging up Einstein and Sir Isaac Newton and merging both of their DNA strands into a super gene and cloning that and waiting 18 years for them to mature into one of the greatest minds ever developed – how on god’s earth do I do this???


    There doesn’t seem to be a simple clear way of doing this. I’m not a developer, I am a front-end designer. I can write html/css, and I can wireframe the hell out of an application, but putting that into practice with some elements of WordPress are sending me around the twist.

    I’m not angry or irate I just think it would benefit the planet if there was some kind of clear method on how do do this. Step by step instructions.

    Explain it to me like I am not of this blue planet.

    If this can work for me, the ripple effect will be felt all over the world, and we can all relax, smoke a pipe, enjoy some salty pork and smile. 🙂

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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