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Buddypress on WordPress vs WordPress MU

  • Hello,

    I just noticed I don’t need to have the MU installation of WordPress to run Buddypress anymore. So can I just switch from MU to the regular WordPress straight up or will my site loose any features?


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  • Xevo


    The only difference between WPMU and WPSA is that WPMU offers blogs to your users.

    In WordPress 3.0 which will be released soon you can have blogs for users as well when using the multi-site options.

    “or will my site loose any features?”

    If you have any extra plugins that pull in sitewide features from across blogs, you might.



    @andrea_r – can you elaborate on the sitewide features that WP 3.0 won’t have?



    WP 3.0 will have all the same sitewide features as MU. That is if in WP 3.0 you click the option to allow multiple blogs on the same install. However if you don’t turn that on, then WP 3.0 will act like a single install of WP. I think that’s what Andrea_r meant.

    If you’re on WPMU and want to move to the standard WP, you should wait for WP 3.0 to make that transition. With the merging of the code bases, it should be easier.



    @techguy – I’m aware of that. But andrea_r noted something different about some WPMU features (I’m guessing deprecated functions, unless I’m misinterpreting something).

    There is some difference between WP 3.0 MultiSite and WPMU 2.9.2, but I don’t think any features are missing. I know some functions have been renamed (wpms versus wpmu) but for the most part, I thought @andrea_r meant what @techguy said.

    Yes, I meant what techguy said. :) If the original OP{ was using extra plugins for BuddyPress that gathered and used information across the site/network/whatever, then *those* items may not work properly if he downgrades to single WP.

    Because you know someone’s gonna have a BP install with every extra BP plugin out there installed, will downgrade from MU to WP, then come back here screaming that stuff broke. ;) I could also point to another thread where a user is wonder where the “recent siteiwde posts” widget is, but he’s running single WP not MU, so that’s why it doesn’t show up.

    (tangent: some mu functions did get renamed in 3.0 but the current functions still exist. They are listed as deprecated though, so at some point plugins authors will need to catch up.

    There’s also the fuzzy meaning of the word “features”. ;P )

    And yes, waiting until 3.0 will make downgrading SO much easier…



    Ahh okay, that’s what I thought! ;)

    Mr. Salty


    Do any of you have more detail about the differences in how BuddyPress works on WP vs on WPMU? (And maybe differences in how BP might work on WP3.0 since that sounds like it will have WPMU-like functionality)?

    First q: BP on WPMU — the BP member functionality is site-wide and not local to each individual blog?

    If so, q 2: would you say that BP on WPMU is much like BP on WP except that members can have their own blog with its own subdomain and other WPMU-specific features like optionally setting their own blog plugins etc?

    If yes, is that kind of functionality not possible with BP-on-WP via it’s own plugins?

    Thanks much!

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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