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Bottom Changes: (Action Plan)

  • LPH2005


    There is a fantastic thread discussing the future of BP. Within the thread, a few people were referenced whom I’d never seen post. In fact, if they had posted, I would never have known they were core developers or even had knowledge about BP. This got me thinking – if I was going to repair website – what changes would I make?

    Andy, also asked that there not be endless lists of things wanting to be changed but an action plan. So, I’ve renamed this thread “Action Plan” with the goal of actually developing a plan of changes to the site. I’m sure that there are many people here with more talent but I’m not teaching over the next two months – and am trying to learn BP for my own website.

    Here is the quote from Andy:
    If you hate the new site (I agree it’s a mess) then design some mockups, write some HTML wireframes, tell me how much it sucks and your plans to change it. Start a community discussion, but with the goal of a plan of action. I am more than willing to provide access to people who want to get stuck in, but endless forgotten lists of what needs to be improved will not change things.


    The list is created on WriteBoard.

    Please add your thoughts into this thread.

    —- old list —

    Here are some thoughts – maybe you have others – but this is the order of priority (for me).

    1. Add xprofile – options include “BP core developer,” “WP core developer,” “programmer,” “php expert,” “web designer,” “graphics designer,” “hobbyist,” … etc … Next, add something to the support forums so that we know how this person “self-describes” themselves. This would help us know if the person answering is taking a guess or has experience with the code.

    2. Add pagination at the bottom of the first listing of support threads. I can’t tell you the number of times the bottom is reached – only to go back to the top to move to the next page. Ugh.

    3. Add the ability to “easily” paste code into a support topic. The lack of posting code is annoying – to say the least.

    4. Add the ability to quote a person. Again – there is an awesome plugin that can solve this issue.

    5. Add the ability to post an image. There have been many times that a posted image would quickly clear things up….

    6. An easily / available link to FAQs and documentation.

    These top six would help me tremendously navigate the site, post my questions quickly, help others, and understand the person helping me actually has knowledge or is just learning too …

    What would you change on this site to help BP succeed?

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Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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