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BuddyPress pages no longer accessible (everything looks like on logout)

  • vera1993


    Hello everyone!
    I have a problem with my BuddyPress SetUp and hope someone here can help me.

    I set up a members area on a website months ago using BuddyPress. Everything worked fine.

    However, since a few days it is no longer possible to log in and access the content. The login status is basically not recognized, even if I am logged in I see all content as if I were a logged out user.

    Previously, after logging in, you were redirected to your own BuddyPress profile. Now I get redirected to the WP user interface.

    Even if I call groups directly, the group page is displayed to me as if I were not logged in and asks me to join the group to see the content (while I am actually logged in to WP as admin).

    Also the login / logout button does not work anymore.
    I can log in on a login page. Previously the menu then showed Logout as an option instead of Login. Now when I log in the status in the menu always stays on “Login”. Basically it is not possible to view the site as a logged in user.

    So far there have been no problems with this. All plugins are up to date.
    Nothing was changed in the website settings between the normal state and the occurrence of the problem.

    Has anyone had similar experiences before?
    I’m at a loss…

    I would be very grateful for support, ideas and help!
    Maybe you have somd ideas regarding the user login status?

    Kind regards Vera

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  • vera1993


    Is there anyone who has an idea what this might be about?



    Caching issue.

    Most likely, you implemented server side caching in your site. When you open the page, the cache responds so the request does not hit the server. Disable page cache in your site and check again.

    The other possible reason is browser cache, which you can obviously check by loading the page in another browser or reloading the page with a URL paramter like this forces browser to reload the page form the server.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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