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Buddypress pages show default sidebar only

  • Zanora


    Hi there am using buddypress 1.8.1 and WordPress 3.7.1
    This is website am working on

    The problem am facing is, all pages coming under buddypress show default wordpress sidebar only.
    I have checked it on the backend, and removed default sidebars , added the one I wanted
    They work through out the website, except the pages coming under buddypress

    P.S. am using rtmedia too, and it only shows the sidebar that I have set

    Any Help guys?

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  • @mercime


    @zanora BuddyPress uses the theme’s default page.php to render activated BP components. If you want full width for all BP pages, just copy the code from your theme’s page.php file and paste it into a new file named buddypress.php and upload this to your theme’s folder in server. For your reference:



    HI Mercime,

    Thanks for writing back, things look in tune as you directed
    But what I noticed is, there is no sidebar.php in my theme.

    So whenever buddypress template call up a get_sidebar() it displays only the default sidebar.

    Anyidea what to do when there is no sidebar.php?



    same issue, please advise how to change this so I can use a sidebar on my buddypress pages, thanks!

    That has been advised two posts up, please re-read and read the links. Creating a custom file named buddypress.php which is a copy of your themes page.php file will allow you to modify the markup directly so you can specify named get_sidebar() calls to include a new sidebar template file for BP screens only, however bear in mind how your theme deals with sidebar files and dynamic sidebars(widget calls) is something we have no knowledge of.



    Hi Travis and Hugo,

    I fixed the whole thing, my theme (steam) was not compatible with the buddypress.
    I made all the divs and stuff right on every template file.

    Then the problem was the sidebars were not appearing as I selected them on Appearance >> Widgets.
    Buddypress pages kept on displaying the default wordpress sidebar (archives, latest post, pages etc)

    I went to buddypress templates and they were calling get_sidebar but of no use. Ironically my template “Steam” had no sidebar.php which was called upon by get_sidebar function. So I made a new file named sidebar-buddypress.php.

    Searched my theme functions for the one function which called sidebar (this is the annoying). Found that out after some search, pasted it on the sidebar-buddypres.php with some perquisites.

    And things got working 😀

    Hope this helps you


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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