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Buddypress plugin does nothing…

  • Drewmvshs


    Hi all,

    I downloaded the buddypress plugin and after activating it, I went to its settings page to choose which features I wanted and also to check the pages. Well, each page is linked to its respective function (registration page linked to registration in settings, etc…) but every page on my site is the exact same as before downloading buddypress. If fact, the only difference at all in my entire site (and the only way to notice buddypress is even installed) is going to the buddypress plugin settings page under the settings tab in the left hand admin bar.
    I’ve searched this forum and docs and tried everything and nothing changes. I’m using WordPress 4.4 (but I just updated, this also didn’t work on the previous wp version I had) and using buddypress 2.4.2.
    I have tried:
    -deactivating all plugins (no change)
    -reverting back to default theme twenty sixteen (no change)
    -reverting to twenty thirteen theme (no Change)
    -deactivating and deleting buddypress plugin and reinstalling (no change)
    I’ve also tried weeding through docs, but so much of it seems not applicable, not helpful, or just irrelevant (especially when I follow it’s instructions and still…you guessed it…no change!

    I’m totally baffled ha please help!



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  • ldesherl


    Hi, Andrew:

    I’m having the same issues; I use the same updated WordPress and this plugin does not work for me, either. I notice that you have not gotten support. Too bad they do not even offer email support. Not good.



    @drewmvshs Are you developing locally or on webhosting server?

    Please be patient. We’re all volunteers living in different time zones.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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