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Buddypress plugin error “Nothing found for Members…”

  • I recently search and read all possible topic about this error here in the forum as well on google result, I still cant get the right answer or solution to my problem.

    My problem is, my buddy press pages is not loading, and it shows the output with message “Nothing found for Members ….” , all subpages under members/ , group/, activity/ are not showing the right content and it keeps telling the page not found (I’m talking about the wordpress not found page and not the 404 server error page).

    I’m wordpress Version 3.2.1 under Multiplesite and Buddypress 1.5, I manage to put the correct template and updated it, I have setup the permalinks also, and has a correct htaccess. but still it is not working.

    do you have any suggestion or solution for my problem or can pin-point the right link for this problem solution?

    thank you very much

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  • @mercime


    So you created a network to go multisite. Where is BuddyPress installed, in main site?

    Do you go to Settings > Permalinks and set permalink to other than default “ugly” permalink?

    Change to bp-default theme, do you see your members, groups, etc. now?

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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