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Buddypress points

  • Pedro Miguel


    This could be a great feature on any network.

    Giving points to member based on activity.

    Users will have also a page where can check points earning and how to earn points

    The activities could be:

    Create a post

    Reply to a forum topic

    Invite a friend and friend register (essential ;))

    and many more…

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  • nickmy


    that would be really a good feature all community I know has this features.

    My Achievements plugin does do this. However, it currently does not work with BuddyPress 1.2. It should be updated in a few weeks or a month.

    Pedro Miguel



    If you can add localization to plugin will be great :)




    is it also possibly to buy gifts with that plugin?

    @pedromiguel – yes :)

    @nickmy – no :(

    I’ll be very interested in seeing this @DJPaul . In my case, I would love to be able to give admins the authority to award certain achievements for offline activity.

    Kind Regards




    I’d love to be able to extend Achievements for a new BP site I’m building for an established community site I run (as well as run it on the previous BP site I’ve used it on); basically we have a Member of The Week award that each holder nominates a new person for. It’d be great to be able to leverage Achievements for that, basically to allow me as admin to make arbitrary awards to users as well as the unlockable ones.

    Waiting as always with bated breath for the new version!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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