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BuddyPress Privacy

  • Now that it looks like the long awaited bp-privacy will never be released, are there any other options out there?
    What privacy plugins are you using, how do they work & what if any features do they miss?

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  • Virtuali


    Do NOT re-create posts please, this is a duplicate post, from the previous one.

    Do not put the guilt on us, as we are doing our best to see what is best for BP. You can certainly add an enhancement ticket over at Buddypress Trac

    That thread was closed so I am just asking about other privacy options.
    as for ‘Do not put the guilt on us’ ???



    As you said in your first post.

    Now that it looks like the long awaited bp-privacy will never be released

    we are doing our best to see what is best for BP. As for the time being, just search for some related content on google. You would be amazed on what you can find when you do a simple search.

    Additionally, when a Mod closes a topic, it’s best if you don’t just create another one :)



    @joshua_d Some other options include
    and/or making the site private for members only via script or a plugins like

    I know that there are other devs who are interested in developing the plugin. Just don’t know when it will happen and whether or not it’ll be free or premium.

    Sorry, @gunju2221 thought this was a forum for discussion?
    I am simply asking other users what options they are using, would think this would be the best place for a buddypress privacy discussion?

    thanks @mercime, will check them out.



    @djpaul closed the topic because you keep bashing Jeff. Seriously dude stop. Trust everyone in this site wants privacy controls but constant nagging will not make it happen faster. Try some of the links above. Paul said he was booked for a month at least and would consider helping get something started. In the mean time I’m going to try and get a couple developers involved so the task is easier.

    My suggestion is to start coding and then sharing what you got. If people do one section of the plugin it will get done.



    Oh, no. Sorry, Were confusing each-other. :)

    Your fine, just a few tips for this forum. If a mod closes a topic, don’t just re-create another one that duplicates the one that was closed. The mods close it for a reason, to end further discussion about it.

    @modemlooper I didn’t mention any developers & this thread certainly wasn’t intended to bash any, I’d still debate whether I bashed any in the previous thread too…
    I’m just asking about privacy options, @mercime gave the perfect answer.
    Has anyone tried these options, if so, what do you think?

    @joshua_d I locked the other thread because of your comment, “(Jeff) has held up the development of a working privacy component for over a year now” which is confrontational and simply not true. If you want to discuss further, my email is paul at

    @aljuk, thanks for the fantastic reply & detail, perfect.
    @DJPaul, I’d say that comment was a fair point as many people have been waiting that long since it was expected/announced/later donated to and was on topic in that thread as it was about that specific plugin.
    However that’s going off topic on this thread, so lets leave it out.
    I’ll try the other privacy options mentioned & report back, thanks.



    Forums aren’t there to get your frustration out there, whatever the reasons. Of course, sometimes you can’t help it, but then you should just move on afterwards. You have to keep in mind that most developers code plugins in their spare time. If Jeff releases his code or not is beside the point. If he does, then maybe some form of privacy plugin might come out of it, if not, then it’s his decission. Once a GPL plugin is released it’s in the public domain and people can build on it. If it’s not released, then nobody has any claim on it. As far as I’m aware, all donators to bp-privacy have been refunded, so the discussion should end here. There are options regarding privacy and for now you’ll just have to do with those.

    @travel-junkie to be honest, I ‘d prefer if all discussions of that plugin were dropped here as I think I expressed, this discussion is about moving on & looking at new options. If that code was is released, fantastic, it gives us a springboard.
    However it doesn’t look like it will be, so lets move on.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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