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Buddypress Profile Look

  • JayCPT



    I am currently using WordPress 4.4.1 running Enfold theme, and BuddyPress Version 2.4.3 (
    I asked the following question to me theme provider and was advised that it would be best to ask you guys for help.
    “I am quite new to BuddyPress and wondered how it is possible to develop a profile page like that displayed here.

    The main things I need are a:
    1. A clean and professional look
    2. A section for clients to input there contact details and information
    3. Functionality to upload pictures (preferably to different albums)

    I have no idea if any of this is possible but would love to find out more; and any alternatives if it is not possible to achieve what I am looking for.”

    Thanks in advanced,


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  • skunkgrunt


    I’d love to know more about this as well. I’ve been trying to find anything on modifying and customizing the profile page, but there is a serious lack of info on this subject. It’s like everyone using buddypress is perfectly willing to accept a crappy and mediocre profile page.

    The most frustrating part for me is the simple inability to add custom fields from the backend to the profile page. Why in the hell is this so difficult?

    Anyway, sorry for the mini rant, but at least I know I’m not alone in my quest.

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