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BuddyPress Public Profiles Show No Information

  • Running WordPress MS 3.4.1 and BuddyPress 1.5.6 with a child theme of BuddyBoss, when users access their profile pages they can edit their information and hit save. This is written to the database but doesn’t show on the edit profile page or on the public profile page (the public profile page is totally empty of profile content).

    I’ve tried disabling all plugins, reinstalling BuddyPress, loading the members/single folder from the default BuddyPress theme, activating the default BuddyPress theme and am even experiencing the exact same problem on another site on another domain. The only thing that I think it could be (because I haven’t changed it) is my table prefix which is not set to wp_ or bp_ but rather a random sequence of letters and numbers. Obviously this is configured in wp-config accordingly and the rest of the site works just fine, it is simply public profile content that doesn’t display.

    Googling this error makes it look like a bug in BuddyPress that has existed for some time. What causes it and how can it be fixed? Will it be fixed in future upgrades?

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