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BuddyPress Rating/Featuring/Better WYSIWYG Plugins

  • Seth Chong


    Hi there,

    Thanks for viewing this topic.

    So I have recently installed BuddyPress with WordPress.

    The idea is to create a website that is a cross between CNN and Facebook.

    To have users become both the journalists and the viewers.

    However, at the moment I’m facing a lot, a lot of inconsistencies.

    For example: Should I allow users to even get into the WordPress posting dashboard?

    I’d like to make it so users can post on the forums with a good WYSIWYG editor – that they can add images, videos etc. like a normal forum. Then, other users can rate the posts up or down – so that the home page can show which posts have the most views, which posts are highest rated, and so on. However, this has been difficult to do…

    So I’d like to ask whether there are plugins… or perhaps any assistance on how one can accomplish that?

    I would greatly appreciate any help given here.


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