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Buddypress refreshing on register to blank page

  • acha5066


    I’m setting up Buddypress on my local install of WordPress (MAMP) and when I go to test it by filling out the form and pressing submit it just refreshes the page and doesn’t give any error or success message.

    I’m not getting any error messages in my logs either.

    I read another post saying that it could be a case of uppercase letters in the directory name, so I changed that and still nothing. I also put my database name in lowercase letters to see if that helped but nothing.

    Buddypress is the only plugin running and I have tested it with all the standard wordpress themes to no avail.

    It did work when I tested it on a production site with an identical database (the local install is a clone of that production site for redevelopment).

    Does anybody have any idea how to fix it?

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