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Buddypress Registration form

  • shemakeswebsites


    Hello! Does anyone know how I can edit the registration form so that the wordpress name and the buddypress username is the same? People get confused at sign up and when their profile is created, they have two names. I was hoping for a function that would automatically populate the buddypress username field with the same value that is in put in the wordpress username area….but I can’t figure it out.

    I came across a topic that they somehow hid the wordpress name field and had it populated dynamically with the buddypress username at sign up, but they haven’t responded to offer any insight on accomplishing this. If this has been addressed, please point me in the right direction. I’m surprised that there isn’t more documentation on this, as it is definitely confusing and redundant.

    Thank you.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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