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Buddypress registration ignoring WP Mail SMTP

  • corsi159



    I configured the WP Mail SMTP plugin, and tested it properly with their embedded test-email. This plugin is linked to a Gmail account. Whenever I send a mail, I can see a trace of it in my Gmail “sent box”.

    But when someone registes to my site (using buddypress), I can see that the registration mails are sent through the old mail config (via my web host), not through WP Mail SMTP.

    Is there anything I have to do to “tell” Buddypress to use WP Mail SMTP?

    I’m using :
    – Buddypress 3.2.0
    – WP Mail SMTP 1.3.3
    – WordPress 4.9.8

    My website :

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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  • WP Mail SMTP seems to be a well-written plugin. I’ve taken a quick look at its code, and how it affects what WordPress does, and it looks like BuddyPress – in theory – should work with it. However, if you say it doesn’t, I don’t know why – you’d have to spend time debugging what is going on.

    If you know some PHP and basic WordPress development, I can give you some pointers (e.g. start looking at the phpmailer_init hooks and how both plugins add to it).



    Hello Paul,

    Thank you for your reply.

    I’ve seen in this old topic that people had, in the time, similar issues :

    BuddyPress Email Notification Ignoring SMTP Server Settings?

    I thus created a bp-custom.php file in my plugin directory, and added the following to it :
    add_filter(‘bp_email_use_wp_mail’, ‘__return_true’);

    And now, Buddypress is sending the e-mails through the WP SMTP Config.

    I am surprised that I had to do this. This is not ideal, as my emails are now sent in plain text (not html)…



    The @corsi159 solution worked for me…

    Same issue with no HTML mails and all that 🙁

    I will have to set up the mail service in the server in order to use the default buddypress mail function…

    I can confirm that Buddy press is not compatible out of the box with WP Mail SMTP plugin.



    By the way, I’m not sure why a half-core WordPress plugin like Buddypress, is not using wp_mail like his brother BBPress I was thinking if this could be a good patch to be considered in the future?

    Testing to see if this forum will register a plain text reply, since my last replies of how to force HTML didn’t post.



    Hi, I’m trying to get SMTP and Buddypress work together too and I find here the cause and a possible workaround. I didn’t test yet, so if you try first, please let us now if it works.



    And here it is another possible workaround:

    Solved – BuddyPress Smtp Settings



    J’ai exactement la même question non résolue, donc je suis heureux de tester votre recommandation.



    How to Use a Free SMTP Server for WordPress Emails ?

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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