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BuddyPress: Registration, Style Customization

  • ljp007


    I need help with the following BuddyPress install items for my WordPress site:

    1) Ensure that the BuddyPress installation is configured properly.

    2) Configure user registration to work like this: First, user fills out registration form. Two, upon form submission, an email is sent to the site admin notifying him of the user registration. Three, site admins access a page in WP-Admin (users in the Editors role need to be able to access this page) and approves the user registration. Four, upon approval, the user is auto emailed his login information (no activation confirmation is required) including username, password and a link to the login url and user can login.

    3) I would like all the BuddyPress pages to have the location of the /members/ directory (e.g.

    4) I need all the BuddyPress pages visible to registered members only (/members/ folder is to be accessed by approved users (step #2) only

    5) I purchased the BuddyBoss theme as I wanted to use this look and feel for the BuddyPress pages, however, I later was told that BuddyBoss does not integrate with an existing theme, which my site has and which I need to use. I do not want to use multi site. So, I need the BuddyPress pages styled like this BuddyBoss theme (but not using multi site and integrated into the existing site theme).

    If you could please let me know the estimate for the number of hours of work, your rate, and your track record of performing customizations like this in the past, I can make a selection for the job and would like to start asap.


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