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BuddyPress REST API development speed

  • wackao


    Current state of affairs do not look good for Buddypress ( Users consider it on the way out when comparing it with plugins like “ultimate member” or “user pro”. Though these plugins have inferior code quality they compete with BuddyPress based on their promotions and integration with WordPress.

    We’ve been monitoring BP REST API github repo but there are hardly any activity recently, which brings to the point why is BP REST API not taken up seriously by the BP devs.

    The REST API for BuddyPress needs to be taken up professionally and seriously as it could clearly be a game changer for BP.

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  • Boone Gorges


    Hi @wackao – Thanks for the post. I agree that the REST API could be a big driver for future adoption. (And I obviously agree that BuddyPress is a superior product to its competitors!) That being said, the BP team is a group of volunteers. The folks who build BP are professional and serious, but they work on projects that interest them, according to their availability. I personally would love to spend more time on the REST API, and hope to in the upcoming months, but if I can’t, it’s not an indication of lack of seriousness.

    Anyway, the good news is that “the BP devs” is basically whoever decides to show up. If you have ideas for how the REST API could work – and better still, if you want to start contributing code via pull requests – you are very much encouraged to do so. More hands make for lighter work!

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