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Buddypress search, buddypress invites and buddypress design

  • Dear all,

    My name is Katje and we just loaded the executive child theme from WPMU en added buddypress to the site. The site is a knowledgeportal and one of the extra features is a fully integrated social network.

    Most important for a social network is the possibility to search members en to invite people.
    I found some buddypress plugins, but they don’t work with WP 3.1.
    Does any of you have a different solution than the existing plugins?

    Furthermore I’m looking for simple ways to change the design, it’s way too basic the way it looks now. For instance the forum for the groups does not really look like a forum, it looks like some short sentences all thrown together;

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the buddypress plugin, but I’m just missing some essential plugins and design editor possibilities.

    Can anyone help me?

    Thank you very much in advance.

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  • Sorry, apparently I’m using WP 3.0.4

    Furthermore I don’t seem to have a members directory in my dashboard.



    @katje we’d like to help you but we don’t have free access to the theme. You should be able to get free support at or where you bought the theme.

    I don’t understand, I’m having questions about the buddypress plugin and it’s functionalities not about wordpress.

    Boone Gorges


    What @mercime means is that several of your questions are dependent on the theme you’ve purchased, ‘executive’. is not the official WordPress site, but is a private company that sells themes and plugins. It’s not possible for people on this free forum to provide support for a theme that is sold privately; you should go to for that.

    General BuddyPress questions are welcome here, though. For instance,
    `Furthermore I don’t seem to have a members directory in my dashboard.`
    BuddyPress does not add a members directory to your Dashboard. You can find a members list at Dashboard > Users (or Dashboard >Network Admin > Users on Multisite)

    I’m sorry, but we tested on several themes. It has nothing to do with the theme; forget I ever mentioned the theme at all.

    I’m starting to understand why the search is not working. Apparently only the administrator has access to the members directory (?) Anyone should have access to that, otherwise a profile search doesn’t work I’m afraid.
    So I suspect that’s an authority problem.

    So no plugins to be able to invite people other than the not working one which says when trying to install that it has not been tested yet for my version of WP?

    People can’t invite eachother, because they can’t search eachother and therefore are clueless who else is on the network, furthermore group search isn’t working either, so they’re clueless as well which groups they might be interested in because there’s no list of them.

    You really never had anyone who found these problems a limitation?

    Please remember that I’m not native English, so if my post sounds offensive that’s not how I mean it. I’m trying to get some help.

    I found a workaround by making all new members automatically member of a “member directory” group. That way they can see all other members. Unfortunately there’s no search attached which means when you have a lot of members it will be very difficult if not impossible to find somebody. There is a search under “invite to the group” but it’s not working.

    Switch your theme to the default one included with buddypress and then try those tasks again.

    Boone Gorges


    When you activate a BuddyPress-compatible theme, like BuddyPress Default, you will see a Members tab at the top of the screen. That is the public Members Directory, where users can browse or search.

    `So no plugins to be able to invite people other than the not working one which says when trying to install that it has not been tested yet for my version of WP?`

    There is a plugin called Invite Anyone that provides several for group and site invitations: It is compatible with the latest WP and BP. The only reason it doesn’t list its compatibility in the WP repo is because WP requires me to release a new version of the plugin in order to update its compatibility, and I have no good reason to do this. Without Invite Anyone, group members can only invite Friends to the group.

    Thank you Gorges, but I already activated the invite anyone. It needs email addresses; what I want is for users to be able to search for other members on multiple criteria and to invite them. With 10.000 members you don’t want your users to have to scroll through the whole list to find someone.

    I’m not a developper but with some reasoning I reckon it must be simple to use the profile form. I put a lot of fields there as required and text becomes links as well. You could let a search and invite feed on the profile information.
    Nothing like that available?
    And how difficult will it be to create a plugin like that?



    @katje, were you able to get a resolution on finding a multiple-criteria “search” plugin?

    @boonebgorges, Boone, I hope I’m not hijacking the thread because my question reflects one of katje’s questions: Is there a plugin or something close (that I could point a developer to) that would accomplish a multiple criteria search across the membership directory? Here’s a scenario: Let’s say that my membership comprises global athletes, both professional and social. Furthermore, each one of these athletes compete in many different sports. My potential membership could be in the hundreds of thousands, probably millions. My users would need a way to sift through a directory of that size. So, if my xprofile fields contain tria-thletes some of whom have held the profession of astronaut, then I dare say 99.99% of the membership would not meet that criteria. It’s an extreme example which I hope illustrates the need across general searches.

    BTW, if this is considered hijacking a thread, please let me know and I’ll create a new topic.

    Boone Gorges




    Thanks, Boone!

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