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Buddypress site tracking misses most blogs

  • Our setup per the “When asking for support…” questions
    1. WordPress 3.2.1
    2. directory install
    3. installed in subdirectory
    4. upgrade from a previous version of WordPress? No
    5. Problems before update? User blogs were disappearing
    6. BP version 1.5.1
    7. Upgraded from 1.2.?
    8. Plugins installed and activated: problems were observed with no other plugins activated, presently WangGuard 1.2.1, Antisplog 1.1.1, Backup Buddy 2.2.28, bbPress 2.0, Blogs Directory 1.1.3 (temporary until this problem resolved), CloudFlare 1.1.8, WPMU DEV Update Notifications 2.1.3
    9. standard BuddyPress themes
    10. I’ve not modified the core files; I’m new and not the only network admin.
    11. custom functions in bp-custom.php? No
    12. bbPress 2.0
    13. errors in your server’s log files. – don’t know
    14. Which company provides your hosting? – don’t know
    15. server running cloudflare-nginx, PHP/5.3.6

    I’ve updated the network.

    If I enable the Site Tracking component of BP, the page
    http://blogsite.mainsite.tld/blogs shows only 26 user blogs/sites.
    There’s no obvious patterns to which sites are included and which are skipped.
    If I create a new site, it is shown.

    If I disable the Site Tracking component and enable the plugin
    Blogs Directory 1.1.3, all user blogs are listed. The page title is malformed
    but all the blogs are there.

    The activity page updates correctly, this issue seems to be confined to the BP blogs listing.

    I searched the forums here and haven’t found a problem like this.
    Any ideas?

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  • bump

    Check that the missing sites’ privacy is set to public (in wp-admin > Settings)

    Thanks for responding. I checked 5 affected user blogs, those that don’t show up when I enable the BuddyPress site tracking component.

    All five blogs have the privacy set to:
    “I would like my site to be visible to everyone, including search engines (like Google, Bing, Technorati) and archivers”

    I haven’t checked all 50-odd affected blogs, but that doesn’t seem to the problem.

    Possibly relevant: the only theme currently enabled on the site is BuddyPress default. There are other themes installed, but not enabled at the moment.



    You could try running the function – `bp_blogs_record_existing_blogs()` – once and see if the missing blogs are repopulated.

    If not, then there is something wrong with the logic of `bp_blogs_record_existing_blogs()`.



    This could also be an issue with the Blogs Directory plugin which a friend installed. Did you add any functions in theme’s functions.php or excluded some blogs in the directory listing Network Admin > Sites with that plugin?

    “Did you add any functions in theme’s functions.php or excluded some blogs in the directory listing Network Admin > Sites with that plugin?”

    No, no functions added, no blogs excluded. I’ve deactived the Blogs Directory plugin, enabled the site tracking component of BP.

    I also tried pasting the line
    into functions.php. No joy. Deactivating and re-activating the BuddyPress plugin sitewide with that line in functions.php also did not fix the problem.

    Any suggestions?

    How many records do you have in your bp_user_blogs database table? Do they correspond with what you see on your website? Do any records look malformed?

    Ben Hansen


    also seeing this problem without the blogs directory plugin did anyone ever figure this out?



    Ben Hansen


    @mercime thanks for the input but my problem is much more like this one then that one all the blogs are public and even as super admin i cannot see most of them. As far as i can tell there no difference between the way the ones that are visible and the ones aren’t. One of them only shows up to super admins (not even to the owner) all were created by me. according to the host:

    the only blog IDs listed in the user_blogs table are 1, 2, 3, and 9. Also in the blogmeta table, it has the name, description, and last activity timestamp for those blogs. There is some data for TheEleven and an activity timestamp for blog ID 4, but nothing else, so I believe that has something to do with it.

    so out of the 8 sites i have so far 2 are fully visible and one is sorta half visible.

    just to clarify i see them but just not on the site directory page handled by buddypress.


    Ben Hansen


    okay i think i actually figured out my problem at least which seems to be a bug actually. Not sure if its related to this one that was also recently reported:

    this bug is actually with 1.6.4 haven’t yet been able to test with 1.7 what happens is that if you create a site using network admin and do not set the tittle attribute it never gets added to the directory if someone could tell me if this is not related to that other bug i will attempt to make a trac ticket for it. thanks!

    Ben Hansen


    bumping this if anyone could please give an opinion as to whether the issue I’ve found deserves a trac ticket i’d appreciate it again i’m not sure if this bug is already known or even exists in 1.7 but i couldn’t find anything in trac and id assume it’s still there in 1.7 if it was unknown in 1.6.x

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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