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Buddypress sitewide forums

  • jimmytortuga


    I´ve been searching forums and google all morning and I`ve GOT to be missing something. Why can´t I just create a sitewide forum on my WPMU/ Buddypress/ bbpress site? Why is a group forum the only apparent option? This is REALLY, REALLY BASIC. Please help.

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  • @mercime


    Reason why forums attached to groups

    Others have installed WP forum plugins like: SimplePress forums, Mingle forums, WP Forum Server, etc. which works well. However, since the aforementioned forums are not integrated with BuddyPress, the participation in the forums are not recorded in member, group and sitewide activity components.

    bbPress, which is integrated as the group forums for BuddyPress, is being configured as a stand-alone WP plugin
    Not sure how the integration with BP will be though. Maybe someone can chime in about this

    There is a sitewide forums premium plugin that extends the bbPress currently installed via BP as a sitewide forum component. General Info about Global Forums by @sbrajesh here and here

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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