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Buddypress Spammers……

  • Hi, I’ve been trying to combat buddypress spam for about 5 months now. Bots have been registering accounts, making user groups on buddypress. I have setup capatcha, and an extra layer of security question, but they are still able to register accounts. I even have email verification as well as IP Ban. I am not going to moderate new user accounts as it is not a good practice for growing site.

    Please add some type of protection to your plugin to prevent these bots from creating spam accounts and spamming new user groups.

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  • It’s not an easy problem. If you’ve got any good ideas, then we’re listening.

    Hi Paul, thank you for your response. I’ve noticed that you have been working on a plugin for combining Akismet with Buddypress Activity stream. Akismet is a great software which does actually work, protected my blog from 1,500 spam comments. However, it should not be just limited to the activity stream, as these bots are resorting to creating groups for their spam. Also, is it possible to combine it with user registrations as well? So when continuous spam is detected by Akismet from the same user, that user is automatically banned or deleted (up to the user).

    Thank you,

    Akismet works on a string of text which it decides if it’s spam or not. I’m not sure how to do that meaningfully from a registration form.

    There should be some other spam databases that hold information about email addresses/ip-addresses that are potentially spam bots, so it wouldn’t prevent them from registering. If there isn’t, I don’t know whether if buddypress should create its own to control this targeted spam.

    BuddyPress is trying to be the best social platform available. We’re not about building databases of spammers. :)

    Be assured, we feel your pain and have given/continue to give considerable thought to managing spam content in BuddyPress.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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