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BuddyPress Template Pack Plugin – HELP

  • thesocialriver



    I am starting a website ( and I am using a theme that is not supported for BuddyPress by default. I have downloaded and activated the BuddyPress Template Pack plugin. I have completed the steps and it appears that BuddyPress is working fine on my site. However, I am having formatting issues like the plugin suggested.

    I have followed the “walk through” example on about how to complete it but I still am having issues. I am not very tech-savy when it comes to HTML etc.

    Is there anyone who is able to help guide me through this process? I just cant seem to get the BuddyPress pages to format (align) correctly.

    Thanks for all the help in advance!

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  • Why won’t the theme work with BP’s theme compatibility, most themes do not support BP by default which was why theme compatibility was introduced. How does your theme look when you don’t run template pack i.e not bp folders in theme directory so BP knows to fall back to theme compatibility?



    @hnla, The theme is just a normal WordPress template, it is not designed for BuddyPress.

    BuddyPress seems to work just fine but the layout and formatting (i.e. sidebars over lapping with buddypress user registration) is giving me issues. For example, try going to , you can see that what should be a right side bar has been stretched across the entire page.

    That theme is twentytweleve and is rendering quite normally so not sure what the issue is.



    with BP 1.7+ BP template Pack is obsolete, please read this page of the codex to get all the details

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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