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buddypress text editor suggestions?

  • Hello, I have looked around a lot and I can’t find a working visual text editor for buddypress that supports the forums and the regular bpSite. The only text editor I could get working in bpForums is “Rich Text Editor For Comments”, but that does not work for comments on the non forum posts.

    I also tried “CKEditor for WordPress” but I can’t get the bpForum section to work(bpCKEditor). I tried all the settings but nothing worked.

    So now in order to have a editor that works in the Forums AND non forum posts I have installed 2, which looks kinda silly: scroll down a bit and you will see the 2 text boxes.

    So, does anyone know of a text editing box that works both on the regular bpSite as well as in the bpForums?

    Thanks a lot!

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  • Sniper Kitten


    If you’re using wordpress 3.3+, you can use the wp_editor function in your buddypress powered theme. For example, the is the textarea for posting reply for group forums in BuddyPress Default theme located in /buddypress/bp-themes/bp-default/groups/single/forum :

    Change it to

    Where the first quote (‘Type here …’) is the initial content for the editor (You can just leave it as ” if you don’t want any initial content) and the second quote (‘reply_text’) is the id of the editor.

    By default, wp_editor will use the default TinyMCE editor that comes with WordPress but you can change it via a plugin e.g. CKEditor For WordPress

    hi, thanks a lot for your reply.
    I can’t seem to get that to work. When you say to replace ‘reply_text’ with the id of the editor, is the ID just the name of this editor? Is there somewhere I can look to find out the specific ID because I am suspecting maybe the ID is something different then the name?

    Is this method you told me above basically to tell the forums which editor to use, or the whole site?


    Edit: Also, I save the topic.php in my child theme folder at “/themes/bp-child/groups/single/forum/topic.php” correct?




    you can use the code above “as is” and yes, you got the right path to topic.php

    ok, so the “reply_text”/editor id field doesn’t matter what is in it? Wondering how it knows which editor to use?




    I have i think a similar problem….. I’m trying to get TinyMCE in my buddypress edit.php ( so when you are editing your profile page and there is a textarea, it shows a tiny mce..

    The only thing that is working is the strong function…. I have downloaded tinymce from the site:

    looks like we may have to wait for the next buddypress upgrade which might include an editor….

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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