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Buddypress versus Facebook groups

  • jacobroskam


    A friend of me is in a very private facebook group – she thought it to be private …. – it is a small group where like minded people help each other with very personal issues. Now the group has been ‘infiltrated’ by a troll. I said : FB is never private !!!! Suggested a Forum withe strickt privacy options – not findable by search engines. As I have experience with WordPress my thoughts went out to Buddypress.
    A long story short:
    Can Buddypress be setup so secure that Trolls have no chance of access ? Can it be shielded from Search engines ?

    Thanks : jacob

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  • Venutius


    Yes I’d say it can, BP has Hidden and PRivate groups, which means only invited site members can join. For added security you can install BP Registration Options which would allow you to vet all new site members and a privacy plugin such as BP Members Only would make doubly sure of the overall privacy of the site. Search engines won’t see anything since they are not members of the site and those pages will only be available to view by site members who have been invited to join the group. Also, if an existing member wee to turn troll, it’s a lot easier to ban then from the platform entirely.



    That all sound very encouraging !
    Never thought of it that Search engines need to be e member 🙂
    Thanks !!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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