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Buddypress vs Script

  • usernamehere84


    I come to you guys because you all are far more knowledgeable about programming then I am. I run a dating site using a script and it is becoming pretty popular.

    1.Does buddypress still have issues with spam profile registrations?

    2. Is this issue of spam profile registrations bad enough that, in your opinion, it is not worth using buddypress?

    3. How would you compare buddypress vs a dating script?

    Buddypress has better looking design, themes and template. It is also easy to install plugins and widgets. However, from what I know it has serious issues with spam profile.

    My dating pro script Virtually has no issues with spam registration. However, the design does not look as good as buddypress and it is way harder to add changes to it vs buddypress.

    Thank you guys in advance for your time and extensive knowledge.

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