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Buddypress with Mutiple Networks Site Creation

  • tiredofit


    I’ve been hacking away at Buddypress and Wordpres for the past month and finally making some progress. I think I’ve got something cool to release shortly that ties in a lot of unique features. But first – There’s a nagging issue bothering me.

    I have my main Network setup on – Buddypress is installed on this network-wide. It works without issue, where I allow the ability for users to register their username, but not add a site. I have multiple sites under this network that I control myself.

    I have setup another network successfully under /blogs/ – And installed the bp-multi-network plugin found somewhere after reading through pages of discussions. On this Network I have the switch set for allowing users to create blogs.

    When I try to add a site (success) and view it (not so succesfully) I get a 404. Furthermore, when I click the Network Admin/Dashboard from the mainsite, it sends me to the wp-admin of the /blogs/ network.

    Is this possible that I can limit blog additions on the main network and then allow it on the sub.? If so, how can I do this?

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