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Buddyvents 2,0

  • Boris


    We’re looking for some people to help us test Buddyvents 2.0 on BP 1.5 beta at

    Bug reports can be submitted here:

    Buddyvents 2.0 will have a bunch of cool new features, like shortcodes for events and event calendars, ticket creation in PDF format, QR code generation for in-event check-ins and outs, invoices for ticket sales comissions, PayPal integration to purchase tickets, dashboard widgets, new easy-to-style Google maps infowindows and integration of fullcalendar.js.

    There will be more features if time permits. Most of the above features can already be seen and tested on our test site (see above).

    Now, if you got this far, then we have a surprise for you. We will give away one copy of Buddyvents 2.0 to whoever we think helped us the most during the next 4 weeks. This includes giving us feedback on features and reporting bugs. Buddyvents 2.0 will be available for EUR 70. Current users of Buddyvents will be able to get the upgrade fro free, so can save EUR 35.

    Please do not submit bug reports as response to this threat, rather use the above mentioned blog post.


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  • Boris


    Now, I would be so happy if only I could edit my post :) Obviously, it would be Buddyvents 2.0, rather than 2,0. Fro would be for and I would not be threatening anybody. One should not post threads if one is too tired to type, really…



    Hi Travel Junkie
    I’ve actually got a bit of time available if you are still looking for beta testers. I went to your test site but did not find a download link anywhere.

    If you need references, just ask JJJ about me. I’m a mod over at bbpress, did extensive beta testing prior to its release, and believe JJJ was more than satisfied with my reports. I’m also currently beta testing the events calendar pro plugin.

    Either way, if you need testers let me know and I’ll do what I can to help out.

    are there any specific system setup tests that you are looking for in particular?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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