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Buddyvents – New Events Plugin

  • Boris


    Hey All,

    last sunday I found out that a recent project needed an events plugin. Being not too happy (for various not really relevant reasons) with the current solutions I quickly whipped one up. You can have a look here:

    Every member can publish an event, but if you’re also a group admin you can attach an event to one of your groups. Coordinates get automatically geocoded from the location. Event activity gets displayed on the events page and an event can be edited and features an overview page of all members.

    The messages component is needed as that handles all the invitations. It also needs the friends plugin for the autocompletion to invite members to work.

    There’s a bit more so if you want to have a play, go ahead…

    Here’s a feature list:
    * Events can be created by any user
    * Events can be attached to a group, if the event creator is a group admin
    * Event Privacy that includes group integration
    * Activity stream integration
    * Friends component integration (used for invitations)
    * Event comments
    * Events search
    * RSS Feeds for groups and users
    * Geocoded locations for events
    * Google Maps v3 overview of all events
    * Adds basic information like address to groups
    * Sidebar Widget
    * Support for BP-Moderation
    * Calendar integration
    * Restrict number of attendees
    * Recurrent events (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly)

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