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Bug: Register Still Skips Required Fields

  • wordpressfan


    I installed the latest trunk, which I’d hoped had fixed the bug allowing people to skip required fields during the registration process. But people can still skip (or enter just blanks) the required fields. I’ve had to delete a half dozen or so people because they submitted blank data.

    How do I get the registration process to allow only non-blank entries? (The registration process catches attempts to skip fields entirely, but it doesn’t appear to check that what’s entered is not a space or some other non-printing character.)

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  • abcde666


    – this would be important to get fixed. Did you post a TRAC-ticket on this ?

    – also nice would be a captcha-security-image for registering and sign-up.



    I’ll add a ticket, but I thought the problem was corrected. It seems spammers are targeting BP installations. In the meantime, I’ve installed BPDev’s NoSpam plugin, which uses a captcha.

    Mohit Kumar


    If you use custom profile fields in your registration spammers wont effect you.I dont know why but i havent had a spam sign up since i tried this




    Did you guys ever find a solution? I’m trying to find it online but no luck.


    Philo Hagen


    Spammers target all social networks. They literally overran an elgg site I have and I’m rebuilding with WP/BP. A few still get through with the latest BP and anti-spam and custom profile fields, not a lot, two or three a day, but that’s nothing. I found about 600 in my first month in my users that never made it to the surface. As for the few that did, having a couple fill in custom profile fields is really helpful. The bots that do sneak through fill those two spots with gibberish, in my case age and location, so it’s easy to identify spam members.



    Hi, I’m still seeing this issue. Not so much on the spam side, but I’ve got a field that is set to be required that isn’t actually required in order to sign up.

    It’s in a 2nd group of profile fields, if that matters. Here’s the relevant code, which should be working … but isn’t.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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