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Bugs I've Found – Please Review Before Trac

  • belogical


    I’ve been out of the forum loop for a bit, but wanted to run this by the buddypress experts before I post bugs in the trac. My site has been getting some decent activity, so I am using buddypress on a daily basis now. Here are some bugs that I have found that happen on a routine basis. Can someone let me know if these have already been addressed? I’ve done my best to search trac, and haven’t found them.

    I’m running buddypress 1.0.0, and wpmu 2.7.1 on my production site. (i know 1.0.3 and 2.8.4a exists, just not ready for it in production)


    #1) When a new users signs up, then I delete them as site admin (spam user), the friends activity feed isn’t cleaned up upon deletion of account (i use the welcome pack with default friends)

    #2) When I go to invite users to a group, some names are duplicated allowing me to send an invite to them twice

    #3) When I go into a group, then click “See All »” members, then page “2”, the user ID partially shows up to the left of the button “add friend”

    #4) I just now noticed that all these people are supposed to be my friend by default, because of the welcome pack plugin, but they all say “add friend” on page 2 and beyond.

    #5) When I invite a friend to a group, and they click deny, later when I go back to invite new members again, sometimes the deny folks will show back up again. i would think that since they denied my request, when I go to invite more users, they wouldn’t show up again.

    #6) The number of group members will not change to the correct # of members unless you click on the group in the groups widget. (this might be by design)

    I know this is a lot, but I hope it helps make buddypress better!

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  • Reporting bugs in BP 1.0 is a waste of time. You need to get a copy of your site on BP 1.0.3 and see if the problems still occur because of the huge number of changes between these versions.

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