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Can BP do these?

  • jedsilvestre


    just started few wordpress sites. Now, I’m thinking of creating a community/portal for my location. Honestly, online directory here is poorly utilized, meaning basic information such as finding clinics, available apartments, specific stores, even the common where-to-go-if-you-want-to-eat-blabla.

    Facebook is mostly overused. People here post their items-for-sale, their new clinic, lost-and-found stuff, missing person, name it. My point is, one has to log in to facebook first, just to find places, or basic information, when one can just surf and log into a portal which can provide these without the “blings” of facebook.

    So, I’m looking into tools that will help me achieve this. I’ve had years of programming experience, but I’m looking for tools which will allow even the non-technical people to at least administer the site.

    So here I am. My question is, with my goal of having some sort of city portal, or business directories, even providing local services such as public announcements, flood-warnings (I’m in a flood-prone area), and things i mentioned above, can BuddyPress, and some plugins provide me these?

    From a brief review, I think it can, but your ideas are welcome! Thanks!

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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