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Can Buddypress do what I want?

  • michelgr


    Hi all,

    I’m desperately looking for software to do the following, and really hope Buddypress will fit what we’re looking for. Hope you can help!

    We are a volunteer organization that sends about 600 – 1000 people overseas each year. We need volunteers to keep their blog/profile, connect with facebook, get information from us, interact with our internal information system, etc. The specs are pretty much:

    – Community of about 3,000 members, growing with about 1,000 each year
    – Each user has his/her own profile, with a weblog as the main feature, with subdomains, like:
    – There is a central homepage for non-logged in users (and logged-in ones) that merges these blogs/profiles, news, feeds, etc etc; basically, content generated by us on a dynamic “community”
    – Users can be grouped by country/project/etc they go to (i.e. categorized or tagged), so we can show profiles/blogs from a certain group somewhere on our website
    – In the backoffice of a user, we can add all kinds of modules, for example to access our database of fundraising ideas, book a ticket, add your emergency-information to be entered into our system
    – There is a forum with different group, to which individual users can subscribe to

    However, there’s another main feature we’d really need: we would like to be able to easily “clone” the community for partners we work with. This would be another community alltogether, with different layout, userbase, etc, but with the same idea as the one above. Modules should be able to be shared between different “subcommunities”.

    Ideally, we would be able to create a “supercommunity” that merges all the blogs, pictures, feeds, users etc from all the subcommunities into one.

    Is all this possible with WordPress? Should I worry about database-size with 3,000 (and in the future 10,000+) blogs/profiles? How much of all this is out of the box, how much would have to be implemented?

    Thanks a lot for your help!

    Kind regards,


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