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Can I use Page Templates? for groups, members, etc

  • enlightenmental1


    I would like to use custom page templates for certain sections of the site

    (i.e. groups page, members page, events page, etc)

    I know how to do this for regular WP pages, but am not sure how to attached a page template for the more “dynamic” sections

    anyone know if this is possible?


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  • Yes, this is possible right now, but it is about to change this week. The directories are moving to proper template files that you will be able to easily modify. Right now they are very difficult to override without recreating them completely.

    Rian Rietveld



    First of all: thanks for BuddyPress, great work :)

    I’m building a new template for my BuddyPress site, but for some reason Ican’t get the custom template pages working. I copied an existing archive.php file to links.php,




    Template Name: Links



    at the top of the code and put the file into the sn_parent directory.

    When I add a new page in admin, I’m not able to select the template of the new file. Is this different then WordPress? Or am I doing something wrong.

    Andrea Rennick


    It’s a minor bug in MU. When you add a page template to a currently active theme, it can;t find it. Select a different theme, then immediately select the right theme again. Then when you go back to select a page template it shoudl be there.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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