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Can not view or edit member profile. Redirected to the members page.

  • Hello,

    I am new to WordPress and buddypress so hopefully someone can help me out with my issue. I cannot view or edit a profile because it will just load the members page showing all members. If I click on a member, the url looks like it is going to the members profile page but it just loads the members page again showing all the members. I have no problem creating a new member and uploading an avatar during the sign up process, my problem is after signing up trying to view profile or edit profile. I have my administrator profile and then I created a member profile to test (kkellercoo). My page is I changed the permalinks to non default. Any help on this matter will be much appreciated!

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  • Virtuali


    @kkeller22,From viewing your site, it may look like you have not enabled some features in the WP-Admin.

    Is the “Extended Profiles” enabled in your “Component Setup” In Wp-Admin? Do you have Buddypress Template Pack Plugin Installed? (if not using default theme)

    If it is, always check for plugins that may be causing the problem. If that is not it, tell me, and we can work on going inside the html structure of your website :)


    extended profiles is enabled. I am using the default buddypress theme. I have permalinks set to non-default. Does it have anything to do with my blog not being my main page (instead of it is I’m thinking it may have something to do with the permalinks but I have no idea where to begin correcting this. I’m using yahoo hosting so you can install wordpress through our yahoo admin center. I also tried installing wordpress manually and ran into the same problem.



    @kkeller22 have you had any luck with this?

    I just did a clean install of WP and BP through Yahoo and now I cannot view or edit individual profiles.
    I get the correct URL in the address bar ( it only shows the members directory.

    …really frustrating.

    got the same problem with you jordynn, private messaging, profile and friend connection sends me to full list of members directory. using also yahoo web hosting.

    I am having the same problem also with yahoo web hosting, its very frustrating!

    please let me know how i could fix this!

    You member profile are categorized as Archive that’s why they are showing like that. Try using other way around.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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