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    If someone would help please. After installing this unstable “mediapress-master” plugin, i’m now unable to access my dashboard and when trying to i receive the following error

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function buddypress() in /home/u528061689/public_html/buddypress/wp-content/plugins/mediapress-master/loader.php on line 708

    WordPress 3.3.1

    Help greatly appreciated….

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  • You will need to rename that plugins directory name using whatever access you have to server files i.e ftp, cpanel etc, that will act to deactivate the plugin and should restore access.

    On a more important note you quote two versions that are very outdated for WP and BP you must upgrade both of these as a matter of urgency as later versions have stability and security fixes.



    Aside of renaming folders coming from github, you can’t use this plugin with your BP and WP 3.3.1 version.

    MediaPress requires at least: WP 3.9 & BuddyPress 2.0

    Update your install first or find another solution.

    Ah right this is why those version requirements are listed and need to be paid attention to.

    Regardless of the plugin issue, this forums advice must start and finish on updating WordPress then BuddyPress it is really inadvisable to run with versions that are this outdated, WP had a major security update around the 4.0 point.



    Ok thanks guys. The only problem is, the mediamaster plugin didnt even install and left no traces, but the problem was caused by the mediamaster plugin,so I’m unable to delete it and it wont let me update my wordpress version without producing a bunch of black bold errors across the top of the screen similar to this





    I cant remember if this is exactly the correct error when trying to update WordPress, but it shows the errors in multiple black bold lines as above. What is the solution to this because as it is now, if i happen to download a “bad” plugin and it does this again, i have to completely start over from scratch by having to uninstall and reinstall buddypress and start over which is very aggravating!. Isn’t there some way of creating a backup of your BP site/plugins that can quickly be restored if you happen to download a bad plugin that messes everything up? will making a backup up on my webhost restore everything if this happens again?

    Thank You

    You need to do some basic research on things like ‘Backing Up’, there are many approaches and solutions out there, from VaultPress service, to backup plugins, to your webhost provided services or cpanel/plesk type site/user account backups.

    The same advice applies for deactivating plugins when you can’t access the admin, rename the plugin directories. That media plugin must have downloaded and installed otherwise it wouldn’t have thrown the error. Deactivate all plugins, update WP and establish that works as expected then re-activate or download a new copy of BP, as you’re so far behind in BP versions you will need to perform stepped upgrades to get to the latest stable version. Check the BP Codex for advice on this aspect.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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