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“Add User to Group” menu does not populate correctly – sometimes

  • kalico


    I’m seeing a new behavior in the backend of groups, and hoping to get it sorted out.

    One of our staff people normally creates groups for our members, and initially she sets up our primary one particular user as the admin for the group. Later, we change it to whoever decides to run the group.

    As the group creator, she is the admin at first. But normally, she can go into the backend admin of the group, and add our standard user by typing the name. A partial match starts to bring up users, she selects the right one, it’s all good.

    But suddenly, it stopped working. Now when she types the name/username (nroc), the list in the dropdown is limited to the first few users, alphabetically. So she’s typing nr… and seeing usernames abi… ace… etc.

    And the dropdown list can’t scroll at all. So whatever is in the list is all we have to work with.

    We have tested with other usernames, and it seems to work ok – most of the time. However, I occasionally see some odd behavior, where the first matches don’t match what I’m typing, but some matches do. You can see it in action in the screencast below.

    Note that this is on a multisite, with BP network-activated, and a secondary site defined as the root blog. The group admin is only available at the network level. I have deactivated all other network plugins.

    Any assistance would be much appreciated 🙂

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  • r-a-y


    Just a guess, but it sounds like you have a plugin that is modifying the user query somewhere.

    Try to check the list of plugins that you have that might be altering the user query.

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