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Can’t Do Anything With Pugin

  • ldesherl


    I have done EVERYTHING I KNOW to make this plugin work, including installing one of the default themes. I have gone through my Buddypress settings, have added BBPress, many Buddypress add-ons and I tried to do sceenshots of my issue, which is being 100 % unable to save page options on my Buddypress because, each of the times I tried to active Buddypress (the last two times I had custom themes) and now, I see no “Save Settings Option” on my dashboard. I have enabled all Buddypress options for the pages, including “Registration. I have published each of the five Buddypress pages. Still, I CANNOT associate any of these pages with Buddpress because of the MISSING “Save Settings” option. I tried to do screenshots of this issue, in fact, two, but the plugin homepage would not let me upload them. The screenshots failed to capture the issue, anyway, according to my preview. So I did not create a support ticket, apparently. I have spent hours figuring this out, taking time away from other things. My Buddpress pages are BLANK. I do not have many Javascript widgets on the site at this time. If I’m unable to resolve this I will just drop the idea of having Buddypress on my site forever, as much as I want a forum 🙁

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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