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Can't Get Forum Pages to Show Up In Menu

  • ldjautobody


    Hi guys…well, I installed Buddy Press AND BBpress and I am trying to set up my forum pages. I have set up a single forum and no matter how I try, I can’t get the “Forum” to show up in my menu. I have tried creating a menu item that points to the actual “forum” itself, but it returns with “page not found”. You can see the site at

    I know this is just me being “brain dead” at the moment, but could someone please help me out with configuring the “BuddyPress” part of this? I’d really appreciate it.

    I have some other questions too, but I will save those for later as they have to do with keeping out people who insist on creating pages that are TOTALLY unrelated to our site…LOL and I’m sure that you guys deal with THAT problem on a daily basis! Once I get the site up and running I will no doubt have questions regarding that little problem. Just to give you a good laugh this fine Sunday morning…I had 12 new groups created last night…all written in Polish and ALL of them related to website design, SEO and other fun topics that have nothing to do with cars! But, that is for a later post. Right now…I just need to get this thing running!

    Thanks for any help!

    Denise (ldjautobody)

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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