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Can't get Register page to appear

  • Mark Gordon


    Hi folks

    Trying to set up the Buddypress ‘register’ page, but it doesn’t appear. When I click to view it, I just get the site homepage.

    I have clicked ‘anyone can register’ in Settings> General (and set default role to ‘subscriber’).
    I have associated WP pages with all the component directories in Settings> BuddyPress> Pages.

    All pages appear (Activity Streams, User Groups, Members and Activate), but NOT Register. I have disabled all the other plug-ins, and get no joy. I have also swapped to the WordPress 2013 Theme and the Buddypress Default Theme, and it’s the same in both of those, so I don’t think it’s theme related.

    Any suggestions?


    I have WP 3.7.1 installed (current)
    The BP version is 1.8.1 (current)
    WP Theme is Blackbird 1.1.9 (current)

    The other plugins installed:
    BigContact Contact Page
    Black Studio Tiny MCE Widget
    Easy Shortcode Buttons
    Jetpack by WordPress
    Page Tagger
    Simple Page Sidebars
    WP Show IDs
    WP You Tube Player

    All plugins are updated, and all except Askimet are activated.

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  • Mark Gordon


    (Sorry, for Askimet, read Akismet).

    Mark Gordon


    For anyone having the same problem…

    I’ve figured out that you can’t see the register page while you’re logged in. (D’uh!)

    I logged out and clicked in my site menu for the register page, and there it was! I filled in the u/n, p/w and email fields, and the register email arrived. The link within took me back to the activate page, saying ‘account activated, you may now log in’.




    I can’t see mine either. I have done most of the things that Mark has done and I logged out and it still is not appearing? Can someone please help?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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