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Can’t register users after deleting Ultimate member pro plugin

  • ricardo231190


    Hello guys,

    First of all I’m new to wordpress and can’t code yet so I use plugins and themes. I’m having trouble after deleting the Ultimate member plugin because now I can’t register users at all (it used to work before). I now just want to add members with the regular buddypress but BP asks me in which page the users are “registering” and that page does not exist I think… How can I make the users register without using any plugins apart from BP (user registration is enabled in Settings > General). I just want the normal registration with BP to work (so I can add the profile) and can’t seem to make it work. I have to make a “registering” page or something? How can I do that without plugins?

    Thank you in advance

    WP version is 5.3.2, BP version is 5.1.2 and page is

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  • shanebp


    In wp-admin, go to Settings > BuddyPress > Pages and assign a page to Register.
    If you need to, create a blank page with the title ‘Register’.

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