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Cant see activity of users in activity stream

  • 403laura


    I have wordpress version 4.6.1. I have buddypress version 2.2.2 (child theme in use). I also have bbpress 2.5.10. My website is

    I am having issues with the activity stream…I am unable to see any activity posted by other people in my forum, regardless of what dropdown menu I use. I am able to only see my own activity. I hope the following example is specific enough, asI don’t really know how else to describe this.

    ***Example 1: when I am logged in as the “adminsitrator/keyholder”, I am able to see what I have posted in the activity stream but I cannot see anyone elses posts, no matter what dropdown menu I use i.e.; everything, updates, friendship, group updates, group memberships, posts, comments topics, replies, new docs, doc edits, doc comments.***

    ***Example 2: when I am logged in as a “User” I can see my own activity but I cannot see what anyone else has posted, regardless of which dropdown menu I use. (Same as above example but as a user) So in other words, the posts I made as the “administrator/keyholder” do not show up on my activity stream as a “user.”***

    After reading through this help section to get help with seeing the activity feed, someone suggested to deactivate the “buddyboss wall” plugin…I did that and was finally able to see my own activity stream but still having the above issues.

    I then installed the buddypress activity plus” plugin so users could interact through comments, videos and links…which appears and seems to work just fine. But When you cant see what anyone other than yourself posts in the forum, what use does it really serve? I would like for the members to be able to interact with each other but they wont know if someone else posted in the forum if the activity stream doesn’t work. (When I say forum, I do mean the whole site…not an individual forum)

    Lastly, I really do not know anything about code or where to put it or how to find where to insert it into the css or php or whatever, as I am not a developer, I am just a networking forum owner looking for some help please. 🙂 Thank you.

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