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Can't see Birthday field on registration

  • Nathan Pinno


    Hey all,

    My visitors who want to register cannot see the required field “Birthday” when registering. As it’s required, their registrations fail. I can attach a screenshot of proof if you need it.

    I’m running WP 3.6.1, BP 1.8.1 and also Membership from WPMU DEV at this site on a top-level install. I’m using the Custom Community theme.

    How can I fix this so that my guests can register?

    Nathan P.

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  • bp-help


    You may want to try basic troubleshooting by deactivating all plugins other than BuddyPress including the WPMU DEV Membership plugin and also try activating a known theme that works well with BuddyPress such as Twenty Twelve or bp-default. Then test the registration and see if the issue still persists. The idea here is to isolate what is causing your issue and unfortunately since that plugin and theme is premium from WPMU DEV a lot of volunteers here will not have access to them to help you resolve the issue, so you will most likely have to rely on WPMU DEV for support unless someone here does have access to those plugins and can offer you assistance. Good luck!

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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