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Can’t upload avatar

  • Hi! I am almost done with my buddypress site but I’m having problems when users upload their avatar. There is a problem selecting the miniature version, a dotted square can be seen but not the image. Finally a blank image (no mystery man) appears on the profile page. What’s happening? Is it a problem with my hosting service?

    thanks a lot!

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  • Burt Adsit


    – Is the gd image library linked into php 5.x on your server?

    – Do you have apache creation rights in the /wp-content/blogs.dir directory all the way down to ../avatars/1/<avatar images>?

    – Try 775 for all dirs starting at /wp-content/blogs.dir and all the way down.

    Thanks for your reply, i got a couple questions about it:

    What’s the “gd image library”? how do i link it “into php 5.x”?

    I’m not completely sure about apache creation rights but i think i have them; please, tell me how to find out…

    I’ve set the permitions 775, and the problem persists.

    Thanks! i hope you answer my questions…

    BTW: I’m still in Beta 2. Will RC 1 solve the problem? Was the member theme modified in this new version?


    Burt Adsit


    php can be compiled with a variety of extensions to the core php library one of them is the GD image library. If you create a php file with the following:




    Call it myphpinfo.php. Put that someplace reachable by your web server, doc root and visit that page it’ll give you way more than you want to know about your server’s version of php.

    You can check the ownership and permissions of files and directories by logging in telnet to your ‘root’ account.

    Upgrade to RC-1 and look to see what phpinfo() has to say about your servers php version.

    Thanks i will upgrade and then check myphpinfo.

    But if the GD image library wasn’t linked to php 5, how do i link it?

    Thanks again for your help.

    I’ve updated to RC 1 and placed the phpinfo file on my root directory. I don’t know if the GD library is linked. Please, look at my phpfile at:

    Thanks for all this help :D

    Burt Adsit


    Yep you have GD support. Do you still have the same problem with RC-1?

    John James Jacoby


    I just registered and uploaded an avatar just fine.

    I do get this error when trying to view my own profile though…

    Warning: require_once(/home2/felix/public_html/wp-content/member-themes/buddypress-member/activity/activity-list.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home2/felix/public_html/wp-includes/theme.php on line 472

    Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required '/home2/felix/public_html/wp-content/member-themes/buddypress-member/activity/activity-list.php' (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php') in /home2/felix/public_html/wp-includes/theme.php on line 472

    Wow thanks.

    You got that error because i am updating the member theme, sorry!

    I trust john and it seems that with RC 1 it finally works!

    Wow thanks i will launch the final version of my site soon.


    yup, it works just fine, I’ve uploaded my avatar too. I think it was a bug in Beta 2.

    How else could i say thanks?! lol

    John James Jacoby


    Just keep using BP and report any bugs you find. That’s all I ask. :)

    Be so sure i will

    John James Jacoby


    Don’t forget to mark this topic as resolved! :D

    Burt Adsit


    Trust John? Trust John!? What am i chopped liver?

    Thanks for the help John. :)

    John James Jacoby


    Anytime Ch… Burt. ;D

    Just trying to lighten the load if I can.

    No no! please, don’t misunderstand my message.

    I appreciate the help of the two of you, i just said that if john said that he could upload the avatar i will beleive him…

    Thanks Burtadtsi for all your help. You are not and you haven’t been a chopped liver!




    Hi! … first of all, sorry for my bad english!

    I’m on a linux server, y have MU 2.7.1 and BP last svn, so i have all the last versions.

    Mi GD library (i think):

    GD Support enabled

    GD Version bundled (2.0.28 compatible)

    FreeType Support enabled

    FreeType Linkage with freetype

    FreeType Version 2.1.7

    T1Lib Support enabled

    GIF Read Support enabled

    GIF Create Support enabled

    JPG Support enabled

    PNG Support enabled

    WBMP Support enabled

    XBM Support enabled


    I’m having a problem with de avatars at the registration of a new user, and at the creation of a new group. It’s strange because:

    At registration, every works fine, but, when i must select de mini avatar something strange happens with the arrow to chosse my part of selection … but i can continue … then, i chosse the big avatar without problems … but, after this, when i continue to finish registration, it goes to this location and doesn’t find any page there … So, I refresh the page, and it goes to the homepage, and the registrated user is ok! he can login, he has the avatar fine … everything! whats can happen?

    With de groups happen this:

    When i create a group, in the step of uploading an avatar every works fine, the upload, the the mini avatar selection is fine too, and finally when i choose de big avatar selection and click on “continue” to last step (invitation steps) it sends me a 505 error sometimes or a “are sure? try again” page. (it happens in here: So i must use a default group avatar to create, is the only way to create the grupo.

    After this if i go to config of this group i just create, and i go to change the avatar for a new one (not a default one), i can do it without problem…

    The change of avatar works with this:, and it works fine … the error of the gruops aparently is with de step 3 of group creation (but what can i do with it?) and the error of registration avatar i have no idea.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks a lot!

    LEandro from Argentina!




    Aditional info about this i just said:

    The GROUP avatar problem happens in IE7, NOT in Firefox, in firefox it’s all fine!

    The registrarion problema happens in IE7 like i said in the other post, but in firefox happens different: when you click to finish registration it send you to this link: (and it is a “page not found), it should be (here firefox must goes! with the correct “/”).

    I’m an amateur, but maybe you can do something! and tell me how to solve this!

    thanks a lot

    kkkforkkk: update your member theme, you are missing wp_nonce() calls.



    Andy, i’m using the last trunk. That includes the last update you made 4 days ago in member theme(as i can se in the trunk description). So my member-theme is updated. Maybe i can ckeck this wp_nonce()calls? you know how can i check it?

    Excuse me for insisting on it, but the error is still there!

    There are 2 online site with the same problems. and, and maybe some more … I check this two ones, and there is the same problem.

    Thanks a lot



    Anyone can help mi with the topics I post before this one?

    Thank you all!


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