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Categorize registered users

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    I need to apply custom taxonomies (categories and tags, and possibly more than one) to registered users (aka blog authors), but neither WordPress or BuddyPress will allow me to do so. User profiles can’t be taxonomized.

    Does anyone have a lead? How can I accomplish this?

    Thanks in advance,


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  • What’s your end goal of doing this?



    To create a directory of services for a specific community.

    The registered WP/BP users would be service providers which should be able to register and fill in some special fields (i.e. name, description, services they provide, locations where they work); the end users would be their consumers, which should be able to list those providers i.e. by service and location.

    All the categorization stuff can be accomplished through taxonomies, it’s kinda easy and I can use multiple filtering criteria, even mix taxonomies with search keywords. It would work great if service providers where a custom post type, but since I need every one of them to log in and update their own data, I think user profiles are the best choice… except that none of this stuff applies to profiles.

    Extending profiles with extra fields isn’t the problem, I don’t even need BuddyPress for that. But taxonomizing them… I can’t work it out :S

    I have a similar problem to this also. It appears that there is no way to relate users to posts other that via author. I want to tag a user profile and tag a post so that the data can be related. So my user states he likes “Science fiction books” in his profile info.. lets direct him to a list of post types(books) tagged with “Science fiction” … that kinda thing, seems pretty standard stuff.

    Would anyone know if / how this is possible?

    it’s possible and I am sort of working on something like this but when I say working managing to map out all the problems I hadn’t envisaged. At the moment there is a manual-ish approach that can be taken where one (admin) can set profile fields check boxes that correspond to existing post tags, user makes a selection of the tags that interest them and then a post loop is run against the user id and the tags they have selected and posts displayed, I wanted to try and take that further and make it less manual but I may try to run up the widget first then try and build the rest around it

    Hi hnla,

    This wouldnt really work for me as im trying to use the same checkboxes to tag both users and posts. What you would be doing here is maintaining two list of tags, one for users and one for posts. (which i guess would work but isnt ideal for my client) It would be more ideal to have a custom field of type checkbox in posts to tag the posts into certain categories, and then the very same custom field in the users profile to allow users to tag themselves into those categories, thus building the link/relationship.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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