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change the "term" avatar to "profile photo"

  • somethingelse


    my client is concerned that their members won’t “get” what an “avatar” is, so we’d like to change the term “avatar” to “photo”.

    I’ve managed to change it on the edit profile page itself, in the text… but how do i change it in the admin bar and the profile navigation?

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  • Anton


    You could edit the .po/.mo files and do a custom translation there, I’ve done so on a Swedish site, should work for English sites too, using the right locale.

    But +1 for replacing once and for all what many people think is an animated 3D movie title, with something that is a bit more descriptive 😉

    Henry Wright


    I’m 99.87% sure the change-avatar URL (slug) is hard coded. See this ticket for more info:



    don’t care so much what’s in the URL… the clients/members for this particular site are teachers from all over the world, many of whom wouldn’t know what i was talking about if i used the term “url” … at this point i just want the TEXT wherever they see it to be “photo” instead of “avatar”…

    thanks @nat0n, i’ll check those files… we are using a translation plugin, so hopefully if i change the english, the rest will follow suit… is there even a non-english translation for “avatar”?? ;P



    @somethingelse Pls how do you manage to change it on the edit profile page itself, in the text I will like to do just that and I will be fine.



    Was this issue sorted out.I have been biting my brains for along time now with the same issue. I f yo could assist. I need to change the words “Avatar” to Profile pictures. DO I do it from the control panel or should I have to do it through the Buddypress “Editor” option.
    Any assistance will be highly appreciated.
    Kind regards

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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