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Change xprofile fields based on user role

  • gebkn



    My site has different user types/roles that each have different profile fields they need to fill out when registering. I have handled this by hiding/showing fields on the registration page with jQuery based on the chosen user type. The problem being that this solution is hard to maintain when adding/removing fields, so I am looking for a better solution.
    I want to use the different xprofile groups and connect each group to each of the user types, which I have managed. The problem is I could not show more than the default group on the registration page (I have searched and tried a bunch of solutions for this to no avail).
    I think I will have to make users only fill in username+password+email and then redirect them to a form where they fill out the user type, followed by the profile fields in the group that corresponds to the chosen type.
    Any tips on how to do this? I couldn’t find any plugins that handles this unfortunately.

    I hope I explained my problem properly

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  • evillizard


    I have the same problem, did you solve it??

    Its been two years this question was asked, no solution yet?

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