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Changing from bp-default to bp-columns caused several losses……

  • hiresphereadmin


    I don’t understand why this happened, but all I wanted was a left column and installed bp-columns to aquire such. My understanding is that bp-columns uses bp-default, only with the left column…….but when I activated bp-columns, all the hard work I had put into my site was lost.

    1) “Professional Contacts” went back to “Friends,” even though I have .mo/.po from po edit loaded in my directory and in my WordPress dashboard, under “Buddypress,” components/pages is set to “Professional Contacts” where “Friends” was.

    2) My footer changed from my custom color (#778899) back to white, even though I have the style.css loaded in my directory in it’s own directory in wp-content/themes.

    3) My custom header is completely cut-off at the end, even though I set the px to exactly 1250 X 133

    4) I seem to have lost everything I had already set up in my bp-default.

    5) There is a “home” link at the end of my header that was not there before and I can’t get rid of it…….

    So, the question is……..Is there ANY Buddypress theme that I can use at all that doesn’t cause all kinds of chaos?????

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  • @mercime


    Customizations in one theme will not work in another theme, whether it be a WordPress theme or a BuddyPress one. It’s not chaos, it’s just a part of reality that anyone who has installed a basic WP site without BP would know.

    If you’re going to develop a community with BP, you’d have to learn how to cope with the changes in code. Not to put you off BP or anything, but have you tried ?

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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