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Changing Group from "Private" to "Public"

  • wp_maybe


    Not sure if this a Buddypress or a bbpress topic, so I’ll just start here…

    I have Buddypress groups set up with group forums. I changed some groups (originally created as Private) to Public and new forum activity stopped showing up in the group updates (and also sitewide activity, since the groups were now public). They would only show up if I changed the groups back to Private.

    However, a similar problem is not noticed if I change a group (originally created as a Public group) to Private. Any new topics/replies I create will continue showing in the group activity stream. I changed the setting between public/private several times and the updates show up either way.

    My Questions:
    1. Has anyone experienced a similar issue?
    2. Does it appear to be a bug or am I mis-interpreting a functionality?
    3. Any workarounds?

    Details of my installation (in order):
    1. Installed WordPress 3.9.2
    2. Installed bbpress 2.5.4
    3. Installed BuddyPress 2.0.2
    4. Other Plugins: none

    Thanks in advance!

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  • danbp


    My Questions:
    1. Has anyone experienced a similar issue?
    > probably, with 2,208,785 downloads !

    2. Does it appear to be a bug or am I mis-interpreting a functionality?
    > probably 2 nd option

    3. Any workarounds?
    > next tree 3 steps back, enter the forest and run 500 yards and check under the oak.

    When a group is setup, you choose to make it public, private or hidden. Depending on this status, the activity will be shown or not. Details of this are explained on the group creation page.

    • For a public group, all activities are public. Group is listed on group directory.
    • For a private group, all activities are private and only be visible to members of the group. Group is listed on group directory.
    • For a hidden group, any thing is masked except for the group members. Group is not listed on group directory.

    If you create a private group the 3 of may 2014, his activities are registered to the bp-activities tab from this date with a status of “private”.

    The 17 august 2014 you decide to modify the group status from private to public.
    From now on, the group is considered as public and any activity generated in the group after this date will be considered as public.

    In a few words, private activities are/and stay always private and public activities are always public, independantly of the group status.
    And the activity feeds don’t look back in the past.

    Hope to be clear. 😉



    Thanks @danbp for your reply.

    I am fine with your explanation about the private and public nature of activities. My original question was about new forum activities created afterchanging a group’s status to public not showing up in group (&sitewide) activity anymore.

    The real issue is this: Buddypress automatically creates forums during group creation if the check box is marked in. Private forums for private groups; public forums for public groups.

    However, Buddypress does not change the visibility of the forums themselves when a group’s visibility is later changed. So while you think that your group has become Public now, it is still running a private forum inside itself.

    Hence the queer case of the missing forum activity. So yeah, the workaround would be to manually change the forum’s visibility whenever one changes the group’s 😉

    bbPress side of things

    The workaround (for now until fixed) would be to verify the bbPress forum visibility and then to also run the bbPress repair tool “Recalculate private and hidden forums” to ensure meta data integrity.



    Thank you @netweb!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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