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Chat plugin?

  • mariatrier


    Hi guys,
    What Facebook like chat plugin can you recommend for BuddyPress?


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  • mcpeanut


    i take it your like me and stay up all damn night working away lmao, im definitely gonna put my cometchat to the test soon and i will keep you posted on the results, im just so busy with the design of my new site im lost for time, as well as setting up my servers, i have written almost 10 thousand lines of css for this new website so far as i have been designing it using media queries for almost every single device screensize, so its been a big job!



    Haha I don’t envy you there, that is a serious amount of code man!

    I’m yet to even start on the mobile / tablet side of things yet with this bp site, still just trying to understand how it all works and how to modify it to my needs. Building it solely for desktop res at the moment, but I will eventually have to join you on the rocky road of media queries lol




    I am Andrew from the CometChat team.

    , am sorry that you have faced load issues. We have some very large sites like using CometChat without any issues. So there will be some tweaking required to help resolve your issue. Mostly, we will have to re-write your integration and remove the WordPress bootstrap and the load should reduce instantly. We are also launching a fully hosted version of CometChat, so there will be zero load on your server. Please do not hesitate to email me at and we will get this sorted out for you.

    , we do NOT make any anti-piracy checks during the standard functioning of the software. As we provide full PHP source code, you can verify this by any developer. We were making a verification call in our older versions when logging into Administration Panel but never during the standard functioning. We are no longer making a verification call even when logging into Administration Panel. Please feel free to email me at the above email address and I’d be happy to clarify any doubts that you have.

    Warm Regards,

    CometChat Team

    Please note that we do not actively monitor these forums, so for a speedy response, please email us at the above address.



    So what op is saying, is that basically taking the notifications from the top right and putting “inbox notifications” on the bottom right of the screen, and when hover / clicked would bring up latest messages, and instead of clicking those bring you to a new bp page, it could ajax load your private messages – and allow for image uploads.. would kind of do what you are talking about.. no fancy chat required.. kind of I guess?

    I use quick chat on one site with a dedicated server, and only enable it to work on one page, not show up on every page of the site.. I use av-chat (from nusoft I think) on a busier site.. but with my sites I am not using them in the way the OP is asking about, a mini chat tab on each page.. I just use them as chat rooms on a single page.

    Tried many other solutions, paid for many, most fail miserably starting around 20 users.

    /random thoughts at 2am



    Just wanted to give a heads up here. We chose Cometchat… and oh my what a mess. We ended up hiring them for a custom solution that they simply can’y seem to solve. It’s not an easy task as it’s their small chat window + adding their chat in a large chat window within the Buddypress profile (and so the two should sync instantly), but non the less should be fixable.

    We should have been finished several weeks ago, it’s 7 days since we should have launched and we have a chat plugin that is utter rubbish as it does not work and cannot launch…

    Either they fix one thing and destroy three other things within their plugin along the way, they fix one thing but mess up our site or they, as now, simply do not answer me (nor work on files) although their support is online. I’ve tried to chat them up on Skype but they have “limited Skype access” (their product is a chat…) although they are online.

    So for now I cannot recommend Cometchat. I do still hope to hear from them and hope they will fix all these issues during today and tomorrow, saturday, but I doubt it.




    Hello mrgiblets, mcpeanut and mariatrier, hugo and the others,

    I’ve recently hired cometchat for the custom work as mariatrier did. I will let you guys know my experience.

    So far i can say that my website came down due to a single chat room message. I wasnt using their cometservice that time. I intend to though.

    Best wishes,



    no – that is the html you are looking at I think.. the css rules should be in another pane.. something like
    .entry-content h1, .entry-content h2, .entry-content h3, .entry-content h4, .entry-content h5, .entry-content h6 {
    color: #444;

    so you open style.css and ctrl-F (find) “entry-content h1”
    without giving a class on css – this is crude way of showing what could/should be done more eloquently I’m sure..

    change the #444 to #000

    w3c has great free tutorials on this, as does code academy dot com… I’m not an expert either.

    after change save refresh page – or in some cases hold down shift to refresh page.. should work.



    fudge – no idea why the above comment went here instead of proper thread – @mods feel free to delete the comment above this and this one – wrong friggin tab – too many open at once – grrr. sorry.



    @mariatrier, I have a similar project as you have for a non-profit organization’s social intranet. If you could share what you ended up doing, it would be highly appreciated.

    Thanks a lot in advance.
    Please message:

Viewing 9 replies - 26 through 34 (of 34 total)
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